June 15, 2021 2 min read


A sensory room is a special room designed to aid in the development of a persons sense through objects, special lighting, or music. There are many products that can easily be implemented into a sensory room that can used as a tool for therapy. Below are the top five, easy to implement ideas for you to add to your sensory room. 

1.) ShadeMagic Fluorescent Light Covers - As mentioned above, special lighting is a key attribute to a sensory room. If your room has harsh fluorescent lighting, it is a great idea to tone down this lighting to create an optimal learning experience. ShadeMagic creates light covers with fun designs that are easy to install, and 100% fire safe . They come equipped with 10 strong magnets, which attach easily to standard fluorescent lights. They also come in fun designs such as Clouds, Mountains, and Beach which students and teachers alike will love. 


2.) Fidget Sensory Toys by OleOleOy - Vent stress, anger, anxiety and any kind of emotion by squeezing, twisting and stretching these adhd fidget toys. It’s great for emotional and physical therapy. It fits perfectly in the hands. It’s also recommended sensory fidget toys for kids and teens with autism, ADD and ADHD.


3.Wiggle Seat by Tiny Octopus - When children wiggle they build strength, develop motor skills and more. Wiggle seats by Tiny Octopus can help calm them to focus. Great for hyperactive kids with SPD, ADHD and can also help children with autism


4.) Sensory Mats by OthroDon - They sensory mats are very colorful, and come in all kinds of fun textures. They also come as a puzzle, so there is an element of game play that children will love. They are pliable, and easy to clean as well. This would be a great tool to have in the classroom to easily pull out for your kids to play with. 


5.) Ocean Wave Projector by Royalin - Coming back to the topic of special lighting, Royalin has created an affordable solution that can easily be implemented in any space. Many users so this is an essential tool during nap or bedtime for children.